Apple to stand trial over data collection

Apple will face a lawsuit over claims that it collected personal data from customers as they used apps on its iPhone.

The lawsuit has emerged from claims that surface just over a month ago. A New York Times report had claimed that apps running on iOS could access private photos, and that many other apps could gain access to private information, uploading entire address books complete with names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses to their own servers.

District Judge Lucy Koh (San Jose, California) has allowed a case against Apple to proceed to pretrial fact-finding. The case is between Apple and customers who filed a complaint, and in a statement, the lawyer representing those customers said:

“Apple, through applications on iPhones, collected data on customers’ geographical locations even after users said they didn’t want to share the information”

Apple claim that none of the customers have identified a “single, concrete injury” that has been sustained, let alone one that directly incriminates Apple. Apple does collect information through apps that it describes as “non-personal”, so things like zip codes, area codes and location. But these are all taken to enhance user experience. Judge Koh has warned that Apple will face sanctions if any “game play” is discovered during the information exchange.

Who should be responsible for such dealings? The developers behind the app, or Apple? Leave a comment below, and be sure to follow me on Twitter for all the latest Apple news, reviews and rumors.



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  • Haloruler64

    Sure, Apple should be held responsible. They put themselves into the seat of responsibility by filtering apps in the App Store. If they let some by that take people’s data, well that’s Apple’s fault. Even if it was an accident, they need to take responsibility.

  • TheSauce05

     @Haloruler64 I completely agree. I think Apple should be held liable since they have such high standards and filtering rules for the AppStore. The developer should then be help liable by Apple. Apple has the ability to protect and safeguard information on users’ phones and claims to do so with their AppStore standards, among other things. If they are letting apps in that pull sensitive information then they are not doing the job they claim to be doing. If a mechanic installs a faulty part on your car, you take it back to the mechanic to have it fixed, then he takes care of the faulty part.