Apple ordered to remove 4G branding on UK iPad

A couple of days ago it emerged that marketing of Apple’s new iPad was under investigation in the UK. Apple’s marketing of the new iPad has come under scrutiny globally of late, most notably in Australia. Many advertising authorities are concerned that Apple advertises its iPad as “4G”, even though it can’t connect to 4G networks outside of the U.S.

Today Apple has been forced by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to withdraw these claims that the iPad has 4G capability. The UK is the second country to do this, after Australia banned the use of the 4G label. ASA claims to have received over 40 complaints about the issue. One complaint came from an anonymous source, in a statement to the Guardian he said:

“I raised the complaint because customers were calling in believing it would work on 4G when 4G was launched in the UK. My complaint was specifically that they shouldn’t call it 4G when it would never work as such in the EU and UK.”

In my opinion, this is a fair ruling. And before you make your own judgement, just remember that your average Apple customer isn’t as clued up on this sort of thing as you might be. I highly doubt the vast majority of people realised that their iPad operates on 700MHz and 2100MHz frequencies not the 800MHz ans 2600MHz frequency UK 4G is expected to operate on.

Following a similar ruling in Australia, Apple emailed all their iPad customers offering a full refund, so it follows that any action taken will be along the same lines.  Have ASA made the right decision? Leave a comment below, and be sure to follow me on Twitter for all the latest Apple news, reviews and rumors.

Via: The Guardian

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