Rumor: 7.85″ iPad mini display makers certified and ready for production

Rumors of a smaller iPad have been circling ever since the first iPad was announced in 2010. No one thought Apple would ever release a small iPad, but that could change. According to a story from Liberty Times, via Macotakara, Both LG and AU Optronics have reportedly been certified to supply screens for the mini iPad. But, don’t go expecting it to be Retina-equipped. If it is to compete on the price front with the Kindle Fire, it needs to be made from cheaper components. If rumors are to be believed, the 7.85″ iPad Mini will have the same resolution as the iPad 2/original iPad. (Which on a smaller screen, will still look sharper.)

One of the biggest reasons that people thought Apple wouldn’t release a smaller iPad was due to the Retina display. The Retina displays, while gorgeous, are extremely pricey to put into gadgets. So the fact that Apple could be using a screen with the original iPad’s resolution seems to add some credibility to the rumor.

I’ve always been on the edge when it came to the idea of a small iPad. I assumed that was the purpose of the iPod Touch. The more I think about it though, it could be appealing to a certain crowd. It would be portable enough to pull out really quick, but not have that 9.7-inch display that some people find too difficult to maneuver.

Would you guys buy a smaller iPad? Do you think it would be useful? Leave us a comment down below

Via: Macotakara

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  • NickP98

    I would totally buy a 7 inch iPad, at the right price of course.