What would you like to see? One year on as Managing Editor

I took over the day-to-day running of the site just over a year ago, after our founder and still-missed, Adriana Lee left. As soon as I started taking care of the site, I asked for your opinion on what you wanted to see more, or less of on our site. Were we missing content? Focussing too much on the wrong things? After all, we’re here to be an interesting and entertaining place for you guys (our fellow iOS fans.) We want it to be as much your site as it is ours. That’s why we recently updated our comments system to include more people, and to get more conversation going.

One year on, and I can look back at some of the things we’ve changed, and wonder, where should we go next? Last time around you requested more jailbreak content, something we’ve made a conscious effort to increase. Matt Sholly/HomeMadeGeek creates two Jailbreak focussed videos each week, and we keep up to date with all the latest news when it comes up. We also changed the focus of our site from being lifestyle focussed, to being more about the phone, and being more “techie”. Recently, we’ve pushed to include more accessory reviews and exclusive opinions instead of just writing up the news like we used to. But, what do you want to see? We’d love to hear your feedback.

Should we cover more international news? Do you want to see more handset comparisons? More opinions on rumors/speculation? Do you want a featured post where you get to have a light shone on your opinion once a week? Do we need to include more iPod/Apple TV content? Change our design/look/name?

You can suggest absolutely anything, and we’ll take it all in to consideration. This is your site, and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below or tweet @TiP_Cam.


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  • SaurabhJain666

    Hey, I’m from India, so I would love to see more international news.

  • Julack

    Put in less accessory reviews. I read the first few, but now I just skip right over them. They may help people looking for a good speaker, case etc. But there are too many that just seem the same. I’d love to see more iPhone and iPad related stories filling up the place of some accessory reviews.

  • boundtobeafraid

    Less accessory reviews.

  • pseagraves

    It could be cool to see how different career fields use the iPads or other iOS devices.  Also, since Mac OS X and iOS are becoming more of one OS, maybe cover more Mac news as well.

  • SaurabhJain666

    Less accessory reviews, agreed.

  • SaurabhJain666

    Post random tips on iOS time to time.

  • rahulcaesar

    would Love to see more international news.I am from India and i reside in china and i travel to Middle East.
    So would Love to have More international news.