Wave Cradle Sound Enhancing Stand: First Look/Gallery

One of the things I cannot stand about my iPod touch is the poor speaker quality. I love listening to music, but I always have to use my speakers or plug in headphones. Sometimes I just don’t feel plugging in. The Wave Cradle however, is bit different.

The stand is crafted of two pieces of sturdy aluminum connected by two metal rods. It has a very Apple-esque design and has beautiful curves. I love the minimalist design and from what I can tell, it is built well too. There are two “grippy” pads (one on the bottom and one on the front of the stand). They keep your device from slipping off the dock and the the dock from moving on your desk. The two metal rods not only connect the stand pieces but serve as the pegs on which your iPhone rests. The one thing that I did notice was a little flaw in the metal on the edge of stand. It seems as if the edge was rushed in the end and did not come out smooth. It is a pity because the rest of it is flawless.

The key to this stand is its curved base that projects the sound outward. Simply put your iPhone or iPod touch on the stand and press play. It amplifies the built in speaker, making it louder than if it were just sitting on the table. The simple shifting of the audio is what amazes me. It is not as loud as a real speaker, but it does make a noticeable difference. If anything, the stand is good for holding up your iPhone when watching movies or perhaps displaying a picture slideshow.

Because the Wave Cradle does not need any sort of batteries or cables, it is great for traveling. I think this would be a good way to go if you only need a slight boost in volume. Not only does the stand amplify the speaker, but it doubles as a chic, minimalist stand. You can get one for about $30 on amazon in your choice of red, blue, or black colors.


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  • RaduTanasescu

    It looks nothing like what Apple would make, it looks unfinished or improvised.
    But it could be useful for video conferences, I do get tired of holding my phone up while I have a video conversation with someone.