Verizon announces smartphone sales, iPhone makes up over 50%

“Big Red” has just announced its Q1 2012 results, and it’s looking very good for Apple. Over the first quarter of this year, VZW sold 6.3 million smartphones. Of that, 3.2 million iPhones were activated. That’s right, just over 50% of them. While many Android users may grumble, and dismiss every single one of those 3.2 million people as “iSheep” or “iDiots”, let’s not forget: the iPhone has only been on Verizon’s network for little over a year. Before that, it was all about the Droid. To be selling in such huge numbers already is a pretty remarkable achievement, and perhaps indicates that those who were buying Droids before, were only doing so because they couldn’t get the iPhone. Yes, I went there.

I’ll be looking forward to Apple’s earnings call which is due to land in the next week or so. We’re not expecting record numbers this time around – last quarter was the holiday period after all – but we are expecting it to beat the same quarter last year by a considerable margin.

Did you switch to a Verizon iPhone from a Droid? Or did you just switch carriers? Comment below, or tweet: @TiP_Cam

Via: Electronista

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  • BillThomas

    yea Droid just sucks and u would think since android is available on more networks it would be dominating the smart phone market and really its not

  • ShaneValentine

    Hopefully WP8 will kick Android out of the market and then there will be two actually good and stable OS’s competing for number one.

  • MicahMadru

     @ShaneValentine  I’m not sure which OSes that would be…. looking at the statistics for which platform crashes more iOS crashes more than android. And then looking at what you can actually do on a windows phone and the apps and how well the platform is taking off…..yeah. Sorry. I don’t buy it.

  • MicahMadru

     @BillThomas I’m not sure what your definition of dominating is then… only in the United States is there the problem of the iPhone only being on a few carriers (now only not on T-Mobile of the major 4 national carriers). So that justification only applies to the United states market really. We have all these other countries that the iPhone is freely available on any network and android is still outselling the iPhone. But really lets be honest, it comes down to do you like your phone or not. Who cares if android was 99% of the sales, if you like the iPhone, that’s perfectly fine!