This Week on TiP (Apr 15-21)

This Week on TiP (Apr 15-21): Cam has a post summarizing the latest and greatest iPhone 5 rumors, Tim Cook was among TIME Magazine’s 100 most important people, and more!

- Tim Cook in TIME:
- iPhone 5 rumor roundup:
- Five reasons not to switch to Android:
- Super strong screen protector:
- What would you like to see?:

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  • Kyle

    The ads on the mobile site are very annoying. Loved reading the articles before this happened.

  • JeffWilliams

    I’m pretty happy with the site as it is.  I guess if I had to throw something out there, I would like to see more application reviews.  Maybe a list or something now and then of apps you guys really, really recommend.  Things worth buying and their free counterparts, if they’re worth the two dollars or if the free version is great on its own.  You know, something like that.  But I’m probably one of those people who never reads enough app reviews and could spend hours reading about them and trying stuff out.