Sprint confirms unlimited 4G data plans, perfect for 4G iPhone

Before the iPhone 3G came out in 2008, my family and I were on Sprint’s network. Back then I kind of hated it, but over the past six months or so, America’s third-largest carrier has started to look pretty good. As you probably already know, Sprint is currently the only US carrier that supports the iPhone and offers customers an unlimited data option – both Verizon and AT&T have implemented data caps and done away with unlimited plans.

With the addition of 4G LTE connectivity in Apple’s latest iPad model, it’s widely expected that the next iPhone will also connect to the next-generation network. Now, many people are having problems with 4G in their new iPads simply because it uses too much data too fast. Because there’s no unlimited data option of Verizon or AT&T, they’re reaching their data caps in a few days, and are then forced to use Wi-Fi for the remainder of the month. And for a while it looked like the mystical 4G iPhone would suffer the same fate. Luckily Sprint has come to save the day!

The company confirmed that not only will it continue to offer unlimited data plans for the foreseeable future, but also that 4G LTE data will be included. That’s right, when the new iPhone comes out with 4G tech, you’ll be able to browse the web at super fast speeds on Sprint’s network without worrying about going over your limit.

My only worry here is that Sprint might be promising more than it can deliver. If a 4G iPhone really does come out, tons of people will be flocking to Sprint to snatch that unlimited option, and I hope the network is stable enough to handle it. As of now, Sprint has plans to launch LTE service in Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City and San Antonio by “mid-year.” Other cities are also in the works, so this is definitely a promising start.

If the next iPhone does have 4G connectivity, will you switch to Sprint to get it with an unlimited data plan or stick with your current carrier and Wi-Fi?


Via: Engadget

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