Social Saturday: Kutcher as Steve Jobs, new iPhone, and more!

Facebook user Rudolph T. asks, “What do you think of Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs?”

A lot of people really hate Ashton Kutcher, but I kinda sorta don’t mind him that much. He was good in The Butterfly Effect, and he does look an awful lot like a young Steve Jobs. What’s more, there will probably be tons and tons of Steve Jobs films, TV specials and such, and I’m sure we’re in for much worse than Ashton Kutcher in the coming years. Not to mention, from what I’ve read, the script is supposed to be rock solid.

All in all, I think Kutcher’s Steve Jobs won’t be that bad. That being said, does anyone else think it’s just a little too early to start making movies about Mr. Jobs? In my opinion, it seems a bit too soon.


  Facebook user Brad O. asks, “Any new news/rumors about the next iPhone coming out?”

Nothing concrete as of yet, but we’ll definitely let you know if we hear anything. If I had to guess, though, I’d say we’ll probably see a bigger (4-inch?) screen. Cam made a pretty compelling case comparing the iPhone 4S to the HTC One X, and it’s hard to disagree with him. There’s really no reason for Apple not to up the screen size, and if it doesn’t I fear the company will really start falling behind.

What do you guys think? Can Apple and the iPhone stay relevant for much longer if the iPhone’s screen stays at 3.5 inches?


Facebook user Carlos I. asks, “Why is the iPhone still being compared to newer phones that just came out? I have an iPhone 4S but I don’t think it’s fair that it gets compared to new phones. I mean, they’re new for a reason.”

That’s actually a valid point. The iPhone 4S was unveiled at Apple’s October 4th “Let’s talk iPhone” event, and since that time countless other smartphones have hit the market. On paper, many of those newer devices are better than the iPhone 4S, yet Apple’s flagship device is still a cornerstone of smartphone comparisons. But why?

To put it simply, it’s popular. It doesn’t really matter how old the phone is if it’s still at the top of many smartphone buyers potential purchase lists. People want to know how these newer devices compare to their tried-and-true iPhones.

Do you guys agree? What’re your thoughts on these questions? Let me know in the comments section below or on twitter!

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