Skech Fabric Flipper for new iPad/iPad 2: First Looks/Gallery

I’ve mentioned my love/hate relationship with folio cases in the past, the Fabric Flipper is something of an unusual design. It replaces the need to buy both Apple’s Smart Cover and a compatible back shell. It’s two in one, and in one fell swoop has removed the need for any bulky folio cases.

The case is made up essentially of two parts joined together: the back cover, and the front flap. The front is designed to mimic the look and feel of the Smart Cover. It’s slim, and divided in to four parts, and can be folded back to create a triangular stand. It’s also equipped with magnets to wake and lock your iPad. The back cover is a plastic shell that covers the rear of your tablet. Both parts are covered in a fabric that helps add a more approachable feel to what could have been an awful lump of soulless plastic. It’s a really smart move by Skech, and it’s what makes this case a huge success.

On first looks, there is one thing that really irks me – attention to detail. The case itself, practically, is fantastic. The stand works really well in both typing and video watching orientations. It’s slim, and light, and it protects my device from bumps and scrapes. However, the manufacturing has been neglected a tad. All the cutouts are in all the right places, but boy, are the lines skewed. Edges that should be straight are curved, or bumpy. It means that around the bezel, parts of the case don’t hold as closely as others. The ports and switches are framed with uneven holes. It’s not a big deal, but it makes a difference. It just doesn’t look like a professional job, done by someone who cares.

The lack of attention to detail doesn’t affect the case’s performance, but if you stare at the flaws too long, it starts to look ugly pretty quick. From arms length though, it’s beautiful. It’s still awaiting launch, but will be available for around $45 on Amazon, and should be available in blue, black and grey.

Gallery (click images to enlarge) 

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