SGP Klasden Neumann messenger bag: First Looks and Gallery

I like bags. But I’m not easy to please. A bag has to fit all my specifications without compromise. It needs to be comfortable, light, spacious and yet small enough to be portable and appropriate for day to day use, not to mention hard wearing. As you can imagine, I can be a difficult customer.

Needless to say, I approached Spigen SGP’s Klasden Neumann messenger bag with a healthy dose of skepticism. I haven’t spend enough time with it yet to write up a full review, but first impressions are pretty good. Design wise, it’s well considered and is fit for the task. Inside the bag are little compartments for pens or pencils, in between two larger pockets which can be used for almost anything mobile – except the Galaxy Note maybe.

There’s a much larger compartment on the other side – lined with what looks like a stuffed toy’s fur. You can fit small laptops (13″ max) or tablets in here. I put my old MacBook in just to see how it handled it, and it was pushing it a tad. The newer, much slimmer MacBook Airs will fit in without a problem. The main body of the bag is pretty small, but there’s room for a few notebooks. On the outside – front and back – there are two iPad-sized pockets.

Size will restrict what you can carry. It won’t hold huge folders or your entire library of textbooks. But, it will carry the essentials with ease, and thanks to it being made of nylon it’s light, comfortable and easy to keep clean. My only two issues so far are the fluffy interior, and the color – both personal preference, and neither reflects on the bag. It ticks most of my boxes, and would have suited me well back in my student days. (Film school meant more DVDs than textbooks.) The Klasden Neumann is available for $63 from Spigen SGP’s store, and comes in black, grey, red, navy or violet.



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