SGP Klasden Levanaus Backpack: First Looks and Gallery

iDevices and gadgets are great. But carrying them around can be a nightmare, especially if you have a whole host of them. If – like me – you always like to have your laptop, tablet, phone, pens, and notepad all in tow, you’re going to need a decent backpack. Spigen SGP released the Klasden Levanaus series with us in mind.

On first looks, this thing is just a whole load of pockets, all stuck together in a lightweight backpack. Seriously, there are compartments everywhere. On the outside, there are two reasonably large pockets, and one small one on each of the straps, at the base. On the inside there are no less than ten sections of various sizes, plus the main body of the backpack itself. The largest compartment is lined with the same teddy bear fluff found in the messenger bag I looked at yesterday. Again, it’s easily big enough to hold a 13″ laptop. A 15″ computer would probably fit in at a squeeze, any more than that is a no go.

Stitched to the front of the laptop pocket is a tablet-sized holder. It’s not padded or lined, but the padding of the backpack itself should absorb most impacts, protecting almost anything inside. The other pockets can be used for all your cables, power adapters and various smaller devices and exactly two pens or pencils.

The bag itself has a nice weight and shape to it, so that when it is strapped to your back it feels feather light even when loaded with MacBook, iPad, phone notepad, pens and chargers. I was surprised, my usual backpack feels much heavier. If there’s one thing missing, it’s stability. In my old backpack I have a fold-down-able padded foot inside the bag. When folded down, it provides a stable base enabling me to place it on the floor without leaning it up against a wall. It stands on its own. Spigen’s Klasden Levanaus doesn’t, and for near enough $90, I’d expect it to.

Overall, I am impressed with the versatility of the Levanaus. It has so many pockets, and you can never have too many of those. It fits well, and is very lightweight and easy to keep clean. Only downsides are the fluffy insides, and not being able to hold its own stood up. It’s available in black, grey, red, blue and violet at Spigen’s online store for $89.99.



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