SFBags iPad Smart Case Review, Spoiler: It’s Amazing

When it comes to cases, messenger bags and all around protection for computers and tablets, I’m about as picky as they come. I prefer my phones naked, no big bulky getting in the way of constantly pulling the phone in and out of my pocket. However, when it comes to protecting my iPad, especially my third-generation iPad — I’m pulling out all the stops.

Made by the folks at SFBags, the iPad Smart case is made of Nylon trim, leather sides and compression foam inside: “multi-layered padding including a high-impact, rigid insert and an Ultrasuede scratch-free liner.” This Smart Case is under an inch thin, your iPad is snug, secure and accessible. Honestly, this is going to sound like I work for the company — that’s how much I love this case. I’ve searched high and low, far and now perusing the likes of iLounge.com and MacRumors forums for case reviews day and night trying to come up with a solution. I’m not a folio fan, too bulky and not always attractive. I wanted something and was on the lookout for something that was both protective, but allowed me to pull out the iPad quickly, use it and throw it right back in.

The iPad Smart Case comes in two different options, well three if you include the first-generation iPad case still available. The Smart Case is custom fit to both the iPad 2 and new iPad and separates into two distinct models. The first is the case for just the iPad itself, the second Smart Case is sized just right to include either the iPad 2 or new iPad with the Smart Case on top. All three products retail for $59 dollars.

The rear of the case has a “low-profile” mesh pocket which is great for holding papers or your sync/charging cable. It doesn’t add any extra bulk nor does it make you concerned that it’s putting the squeeze on the iPad. At the very bottom of the mesh pocket is a little leather grip which makes for easy removal of the iPad from inside the case. You definitely need to use this leather grip, the iPad is snug inside the Smart Case. I kept it turned upside down for one hour (just a few inches above a comfy mesh desk chair so no risk) and the iPad didn’t budget one bit. Any concerns about an open topped case — well you shouldn’t have any concerns, it won’t fall out, period.

While this review may read more like a company press release, there is a good reason for that, because it’s that good of a product. SFBags make some of the best products I’ve seen for Mac, Kindle and iOS accessories. They really manufacturer a quality item at a price that won’t make you feel like someone is just reaching in and taking your money.

The iPad Smart Case comes in Green (pictured), Flame, Copper, Pine, Pearl, and Black. This truly is one of the best cases/sleeves I’ve ever used for my iPad and I can’t recommend it enough. I’d absolutely take a look at SFBags website (linked below) and see if this is the right case for you.


Disclosure: I was provided a free test unit by SFBags for the purpose of this review. All reviews are written and published with the consent of the accessory manufacturer and are the sole opinion of the author and TodaysiPhone.com.

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  • SFBags

    @davidj Thanks for the thorough and glowing review!

  • davidj

    @SFBags Thanks for making such a great product! I seriously love this thing, it’s exactly what I was looking for,

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    @davidj P.S. Just posted it to our FB page….

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    @SFBags Awesome, checking it out now!

  • TristanLlewellynMorris

    The “Smart” moniker made me think it would function somewhat like the smart cover that turns the iPad on when it’s flipped open. Does the iPad power on when you remove it, or is it just a moniker?