Rumor: iPhone 5 to feature ultraslim in-cell multitouch display

Apple is at the forefront of innovating new technologies and bringing them to the market, and the latest rumor (if true) would seem to strengthen that belief. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency and DigiTimes, Apple could be shifting to a new, more radical multitouch display.

The current display uses “on-cell” technology, whereby the conductive sensors that pick up your fingers’ movement are layered on top of the color filters. “In-cell” puts the sensors inside the color filter, making it possible to creat a much slimmer screen.

“Compared with on-cell technology, touch panels that use in-cell technology can be made thinner because the touch sensors are actually placed inside the color filters rather than on top of them, he explained.

At present, Taiwan’s TPK Holding Co. and Wintek Corp., which supply touch panels to Apple, use mainly on-cell technology in their products, according to the two companies.”

As usual, the claims come from sources “near the supply” chain. So, they should be received with some skepticism and with an open mind. There’s every possibility that this is just a load of boo-hockey. Whatever the case, this sounds very Appley, and could ensure that the next iPhone is even slimmer despite the expected 4G chipset and larger battery.

What’s the one thing that you want to see improved on the next iPhone? Comment below.

Via: DigiTimes, FocusTaiwan

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  • Prozac69

    I prefer the current thickness and form factor. I dont think a slimmer phone would suit the design personally.

  • JanisVaivars

     @Prozac69 I have to agree. There comes a point, when the thinness of the device makes holding it uncomfortable.

  • pthomas

     @JanisVaivars They should keep it the same thickness, and pack more features in to it!  Yeah!  :)