Rumor: Apple Stores to be equipped with temporary, wireless backup service for broken devices

We’ve all been there: Your iDevice breaks so you take it to the Apple Store. You’re pleased to find the Genius perfectly willing to replace your device at no added cost. “This day might not be so bad after all,” you think. Then the Genius asks if you’ve backed up your gadget before coming in. “What? Um… no.” Then comes the awkward silence followed by the Genius telling you that you can either try an iCloud backup on your broken iOS device, just start over and loose everything, or drive home to backup on your computer and come back.

Well it looks like Apple may be working on a solution to this problem. Apparently the company is currently testing a local, wireless server system that can temporarily store all the information on a broken device before it’s transferred to a replacement. This would mean customers wouldn’t have to backup before coming in.

This local system is superior to an iCloud backup in this situation because the data backup would be much faster and, if you’ve ever been to an Apple store, you know that it’s packed with customers waiting to buy, get help or just play with the shiny things on display. There isn’t really time to wait for every broken iPhone and iPad to backup to some far away iCloud server. What’s more, not everyone has an iCloud account.

This is definitely a cool solution to a frustrating and relatively common problem. It’s currently in the very early testing stages, so if this does pan out we probably won’t see it in actual retail stores until 2013.

Honestly, I think I’d be a little hesitant to transfer every bit of information on my phone to an Apple server I have no control over. I’m quite aware that backing up to iCloud is basically the same thing, but this just feels a little more invasive for some reason. Do you guys agree?


Via: 9to5 Mac

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