RIM was behind the Australian “Wake Up” protest?

Last week, in Sydney, a big black bus filled with people wearing black t-shirts, carrying “Wake Up” signs pulled up outside an Apple store. It was believed – due to its timing – that Samsung was attempting some sort of publicity stunt prior to the Galaxy launch this Thursday. There is a “Wake Up” teaser page with a countdown, that misses this Thursday’s event by quite some distance. Jumping to conclusions much? Sammy officially denied any part in the protest.

Seeing that pinning the tail on Samsung didn’t make a lot of sense, MacWorld.Au did a little research in to the source code of the site, and discovered that it linked back to BlackBerry, not Samsung. And, oddly enough, the countdown should end around the time that RIM launches its next, long awaited software update – BB 10 – on July 2nd.

To read the full details hit: MacWorld.Au

I do find it laughable that a company that’s virtually on its last legs could be taking a swipe at Apple customers. Sure, I hate that Samsung do it, but, at least the Korean company is providing competition to Cupertino. RIM still hasn’t managed to handle the touchscreen market, or get its foot in to the tablet world. Now, there’s a chance that it isn’t RIM behind this protest, but if it is, exactly what does the Canadian tech firm think we should be waking up to?

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  • YonVanom

    They calculated the day to which it counts down incorrectly, if you look in the source code, you can see it counts down to a set date: 6 May 2012 14:59:59

  • youngman629

    @TiP_Cam that whole protest fiasco was kinda creepy!!

  • TiP_Cam

    @youngman629 To be honest, it was a bit of a shabby job. None of the protestors seemed that into it. They all looked embarrassed.

  • youngman629

    @TiP_Cam completely unrehearsed and I’m sure all were found on Craigslist…

  • sheesh

    Don’t start bashing and talking shit about RIM – how they didnt even manage to gain success with touchscreens and stuff – if it isnt yet confirmed or proven right. Sheesh