Phil Schiller, Apple’s Marketing SVP dumps Instagram after Android launch

When Instagram hit Android’s app store/play thing recently it caused quite a stir among the Apple faithful. It was one of those cool apps that many of us saw as being a big reason for having an iPhone. Coupled with the awesome iPhone 4/4S cameras, some results were staggering. As soon as it crossed the border to Google-land, it was feared that quality of photos would drop drastically.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s big chief of marketing admitted dumping it, as soon as it switched across. Now, to the observer this may look like petulance on Schiller’s side, but he has since clarified his position. A 9to5Mac reader got in touch with Apple’s SVP of Marketing to get a better response. And wouldn’t you know, he answered. The decision was based on the face that Instagram used to be a small, community based, app where everyone felt connected and was free to enjoy each others photos with little noise.

Once it was opened up to the millions of Android users it became a much bigger community and obviously that would mean the “signal to noise ratio is different“. Simply put, the percentage of great photos compared to poor ones diminishes. Out of the hundreds of Android phones out there, very few of them have cameras worthy of any mention, and are grainy at the best of times. Which I can testify to. Immediately after launch my Facebook Timeline filled with really poor, badly shot, grainy images of sandwiches. (Thankfully, the novelty seems to be wearing off a little now.)

Have you stopped using Instagram since it went across to Android? Let us know below, or tweet me.

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