iPhones in high demand on both sides of the law

NYPD statistics show that thefts of iPads and iPhone have risen by 44% this year. The rather startling results show that between January 1 and April 15 this year, 1,196 iOS devices have been stolen. This shows a sharp rise in the same figure from last year, which reported that only 831 devices had been stolen in the same period.

Now, a lot of you will probably look at the number 1,196 and say “That’s not a lot compared to how many devices Apple sells”, and you’d be right, the number marks a minute fraction of the devices actually sold. However, look at it another way… That’s more than 11 devices a day. These devices will probably sell on for between $200 and $800 according to New York Daily News, so it’s certainly a lucrative business, that is sadly growing. Perhaps the most widely reported case was the tragic murder of Hwang Yang, Yang was shot in Riverdale. His killer searched the body, and took Yang’s iPhone, but didn’t bother with his wallet.

The point is that devices such as iPhone’s are attracting much more attention, one police source claimed:

“It’s the equivalent of holding hundreds of dollars in your hand”

Couple the price tag of an iPhone or an iPad to the possible payment of a contract, and it could thousands…

Now obviously, such thefts aren’t confined to New York. And they certainly aren’t aimed just at iDevices. So if you take anything away from these reports, just be careful. I’ve never been a fan of clichés, but should someone steal your iPhone, “there’s an app for that”. Find My iPhone allows you to track a missing device from any other iOS device. It gives you the option to play out a sound if the phone is nearby, or in more sinister cases, you can remotely lock or wipe your device. If you find yourself at all alarmed by this story, it might be something you want to consider.

What do you think? Do any of you have experience with lost or stolen iDevices? What can/should be done to protect consumers from this kind of criminal activity? Whatever your thoughts, leave a comment below, and be sure to follow me on Twitter for all the latest Apple news, reviews and rumors.

Via: New York Daily News

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  • boundtobeafraid

    I live in Argentina and these stuff are very common, sadly. I know I may go out with my iPhone and come back without it. I do have find my iPhone on it but in case I get stolen I’m not gonna go to the thief’s house to get it back, so it’s the same as nothing.

  • parky190

     @boundtobeafraid Well, if you have the address you could tell the police and they could get it back for you. That’s what I would do.

  • Strick9

    What I’d like to see and am surprised hasn’t come out yet is a keyfob bluetooth device that links to an app which in turn will lock the iPhone, turn up the volume to max and sound an alarm if the link is broken.  That way if the phone is stolen, as soon as the thief has moved it out of the range of the keyfob device, the alarm sounds off and cannot be silenced unless back in range of the keyfob and a code is entered.  This would also work; albeit embarrasing, if you forget your phone on a restaurant table and walk away… what a reminder!
    What do you think of this idea?  Anyone heard of one of these yet?

  • TiP_Stephen

     @Strick9 I’ve seen prototypes of bluetooth keyfobs that connect directly to a device, like you suggested they sound an alarm when the link is broken. Of course, the neat thing about keyfobs is that you can carry one on your person, and pair up others attached to anything, phone, wallet, keys…

  • boundtobeafraid

     @parky190 Yes, you’re probably right. But I’m afraid they probably wouldn’t trust a pin on a map. Nobody knows the technology over here, and Apple is an unknown brand almost.