iPhone 5 concepts rounded up – which is your favorite?

Over the past year there have been a few really great concept renders designed by some very talented graphic artists. Surprisingly, a few have made appearances in the months following the iPhone 4S launch. We decided to round them all up and see which you think is the most awesome, or most practical. Let’s face it, despite only being 6 months in to the latest iPhone, we’re still drooling over what Apple might release later on in the year.

First up is the incredible concept video by Aatma studio’s YouTube channel. It features some unbelievable features – mostly impossible – but nerdtastic nonetheless. With its super-slim design, laser keyboard and holographic display, it’s the Apple’s fan’s ultimate fantasy device and will most likely stay that way.

There have been two different concepts designed by ADR studios in Italy. First the iPhone SJ – named in memory of the late Apple founder, and “the new iPhone” concept published shortly after the new iPad was announced. The SJ is certainly more Apple flavored, but the “new iPhone” would certainly draw attention with its cutting edge design in the same way a Lamborghini does in a car park full of BMWs.


In summer 2011, Gizmodo got together with a design studio to create what is one of the best looking and most believable concepts to date. With curved tops adorned with a luxurious brushed metal, this would surely reaffirm Apple’s place as the premium handset makers.

Most recently – yesterday in fact – 9to5Mac’s concept of what the next iPhone would look like with a 4-inch display and redesigned screen ratio. It certainly looks like an Apple handset, the only concern for me is that it looks too stretched out. (Check the gallery below for image.)

And, of course, who could forget the iPhone PRO concept by Choi Jinyoung with add-on DSLR lenses and projector accessories? Despite being super cool, the likelihood of Apple creating a device like this with the requirement to by extra (most likely expensive) proprietary hardware components is slim to none. I’d still love to see it though.

So there you have it, some of the coolest mockups I think you’ll see. Which is your favorite? What fantasy features do you think would be great on the iPhone? To see more angles, and shots of the concepts click through the gallery below.


(Click image to enlarge, then click image to proceed through the gallery)


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