How To: Unlock your AT&T iPhone

Unlocking your AT&T iPhone is – by all accounts – simple. There’s no jailbreaking, or hacking, no modding or opening up your device. It’s all done with a quick call to your AT&T customer services. As long as you’re out of contract, you just need to provide the carrier with your IMEI. Once you’ve done it, you are advised to wait 72 hours in most cases. (Some users are being told to wait for anything up to a week.)

Then, all you need to do is plug in your iPhone to your computer, backup and restore through iTunes. You can unlock devices as old as the iPhone 3G.

My only issue with this whole process is that you need to be out of contract before unlocking. Personally, I don’t get why AT&T doesn’t allow it sooner. You’ve signed up to a contract with the carrier, so, it’s guaranteed to get your money for the next 24 months. Why restrict your phone? For people who travel abroad, or move around States where “Big Blue”‘s coverage is non-existent, or patchy, having an unlocked device is essential.

What do you think? Should AT&T – for example – say that you only need to have been signed up for 6 months before allowing an unlock? If it doesn’t cancel your contract, I don’t get why there would be a problem. Comment below, or tweet: @TiP_Cam

Via: Electronista, iMore

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