Future iPhone camera may be able to read phone numbers and more!

Patently Apple has uncovered a very cool new patent for a camera feature in future iOS devices. Apparently, if the technology described in this patent actually pans out, the camera in future iPhones will have built-in pattern detection. This means that it’ll be able to recognize things like ISBN numbers, pricing systems, phone numbers other such patterns.

This tech was developed by Cedric Bray and Olivier Bonnet over at Apple France, and it works by allowing the camera to scan an object and then put it into context. So if you take a picture of an advertisement in a magazine that happens to include a URL, the camera will detect the URL and make it a clickable button, similar to what happens when you type a URL or phone number in the Messages app. Further, you could snap a picture of a book cover or movie poster and get release information, pricing, and more.

This patent was originally filed in the fourth quarter of 2010 and, somewhat surprisingly, hints that this feature could be implemented in Macs as well as iOS devices. Similar technology has existed in other mobile operating systems and even third-party iOS applications for quite some time now, but it would certainly be cool to see it implemented right into the camera application.


Via: Patently Apple

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