Accessory Review: Cygnett Lavish Earth for iPad (3rd gen)

Category: Cases/Skins
Model: Lavish Earth
Price: $59.99 USD (£39.99 GBP) 
Seller: Cygnett
Requirements: New iPad (3rd gen)

TiP Rating: 4.5/5 stars


The Lavish Earth is one of the best looking Folio cases I’ve seen. It raises the bar for all the other case makers and shows that practicality and good design can be achieved simultaneously – you don’t have to choose one or the other.


I’m a huge fan of Cygnett’s cases – at least I have been with the iPhone compatible options. There’s such a wide range of options and designs it’s hard not to find something you like in the Australian company’s war chest.

The Lavish Earth continues on with Cygnett’s eye for detail. This Folio looks fantastic. The case is made mostly of a leather replacement, lined with a soft microfiber felt on the inside. One part of the design I really enjoy is the combination of felt with the three strips of faux leather on the inside of the front cover. There’s something really sleek and minimal about it, as there is with the accessory as a whole. The stripes have a practical function too, offering three different viewing angles for your iPad. The case’s materials are dust and fingerprint magnets, but that’s not a huge deal.

The iPad is framed inside the case, with cutouts ensuring that you still have access to everything you need. Although gaps are left to get to the volume rocker, and lock button, I did find that access was still a little restricted – to the lock key particularly. However, since the cover is equipped with an auto wake magnet, the lock key isn’t needed anywhere near as often as it would be otherwise.  My only other dislike is the size of the camera hole. Just on a personal note, it’s way too big.

Practically, the case is great. I’ve had a case very similar to this in the past, and everything I hated about it has been addressed by Cygnett. The small velcro’d tab that holds the iPad in place is super slim and doesn’t add any bulk or force your tablet in to an odd angle. The strips used to hold your iPad up in stand mode are as sturdy as you could hope for, and the interior lining is very grippy, ensuring that there’s no slipping and sliding. The magnets used to hold the cover shut, do a good job, once the case has had chance to settle in. (I did find that initially, it would open very easily if held upside down – after a day or two, that stopped.)

As an overall package, it’s the best Folio case I’ve ever used. The materials, and practicality of design make it shine in a market full of cases that offer similar features but fail to miss the mark on a few of them. My dislikes aren’t major, and for that reason I knocked off half a mark. Brilliant.


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