Check out our new Comments system!

Over the past two years, here at TiP we’ve attempted to create content to keep you engaged in everything we write. After all, what’s the use writing if we can’t see you reactions. We love hearing what you have to say. Making it easier for you to do so is part of that process.

For the past few months we’ve been using the Facebook comments system, which, for Facebook users is great but we noticed that not as many of you were getting involved and discussing the topics at hand – so – we’ve switched to a new system: Livefyre. With this new system you can log in using Facebook, Twitter, G+, Open ID or LinkedIN. You can follow set discussions by “listening” (cool feature) and tt also looks prettier than the old version, and lays all the conversations out in to nice threads. (Plus, we can moderate spam much easier than with older systems. I think we can all agree that spam can ruin conversations.) Can’t guarantee that we’ll be Android fan/Apple hater free, but, I’m sure you’ll help make them feel uncomfortable being here.

So, go ahead and get involved. Comment, discus and have fun.

If you can’t see your old comments yet, it’s because we’re still transferring them across. They’ll all be here eventually. 

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