Awesome iPhone screen protecter survives a hammering (literally) [video]

You know that awkward time when you want to smash up some Almonds to make Marzipan, and you lose all your kitchen utensils? Well, fear not, there’s a solution! All you need is this awesome 4-layer screen protecter (made by Buff Labs) and a hammer. Simply place an almond on your display and give it hell. Voila: Marzipan.

The screen protector is designed in such a way that instead of being cracked under pressure at a single point, the structure ensures that any waves of force are spread across the screen, leaving you with one scratch-free and well-protected iPhone. Also, thanks to the adhesive silicon underside, it can be removed and reapplied. The accessory costs between $20-$30 and can be found by searching online.

Via: Gizmodo

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