Apple releases Flashback Trojan removal tool

Macs were pretty much virus free until last week, when some boffins created a Trojan called Flashback that wreaked havoc with 600,000 Macs worldwide (just over 1% of all Apple computers.) Since then there have been various fixes and scan programs released to see if you were one of the unlucky ones infected. None of those came from Cupertino.

Apple has just announced and released a specific removal tool that deals with the pesky Flashback bug – which could be lurking in your system. Most of you will have dealt with the issue already, with the latest Mac Java update. But, for those of you who are Java-free, Apple has released this separate program. Now go, enjoy your once more virus free computer systems and laugh at your Windows using friends. (I use the term friends lightly, no one who prefers Microsoft’s OS can ever be the subject of any real intimacy.) (Unfortunately, we live in an age where I probably have to point out: that last sentence was a joke – sort of.)  

To download it, head over here:

Via: Apple Insider

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  • KraKsX

    ‘sort of’ = LMFAO