Toddler saved from well using iPhone camera [video]

Often we get so bogged down with how many iPhones sell, what the specs are, how fast it is and how much it benefits the non-essential parts of our lives that we forget that we can use them to achieve incredible feats. Whether it be an iPad helping Autistic children to develop, or teaching kids how to read or count, iOS devices – and gadgets from other platforms – can be used for extraordinary good.

The video above shows how a toddler’s life was saved using the camera from an iPhone. The young child was stuck down a 40 foot well outside Mengzi City, China. Rescuers first attempted the usual gear, but the harness was too big and the child kept slipping. So, they strapped an iPhone to a rope and lowered it – using the camera to get a better view – they finally manage to get the young boy out and in to hospital.

Have you ever used an iPhone or iPad to get yourself our anyone else out of a tough situation? Comment below, or tweet: @TiP_Cam.

Via: Mashable

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