Apple iPhone 5 coming in June? One Foxconn employee says so…

The 6th generation iPhone (or iPhone 5 as we’re all calling it) is going to be subject to intense speculation, and keen interest from tech lovers and prospective buyers everywhere. We’ll hear about features, specs, hardware and all the rest. The most recent speculation comes from a Foxconn employee, recently interviewed on Japanese TV.

The man, who works in the recruitment department at Apple’s main manufacturing partner’s site, claimed that up to 18,000 new employees were being sought. He was interviewed by a female host from TV Tokyo’s “World Business Satellite” show.

“We’re looking for 18,000 employees…for the fifth-generation phone,” he said.

“Is that because demand is high for the ‘iPhone 5?'” she asked.

“That’s right. It will come out in June.”

I wouldn’t get your hopes up on this one though. The person interviewed wasn’t a high ranking employee, and wasn’t likely to be someone “in the know”, so the validity of this claim is highly questionable.

If you ask me, it’s more likely that Apple will continue with the revised October/Fall launch strategy. It worked incredibly well this year, and releasing a new, redesigned device after only 9 months on the market will really upset consumers who took the 4S at launch.

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Via: Macotakara, Apple Insider

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