Another Trojan virus hits Macs – via Microsoft

We’re all used to seeing Windows vs. Apple fanboy wars, in fact, it’s evolved more in to Android vs. iOS wars. Nevertheless, as companies, Cupertino and Gates’ old company have never been as amicable. Tim Cook’s firm is pressing hard in to battle with Google and seemingly welcoming the refreshingly new WP7 platform. Back in the height of the Mac vs. PC ad wars, Apple’s commercials boasted that Macs don’t get viruses. This past week has proven that simply isn’t the case anymore. The Flashback trojan caused a big stir online, but was soon patched up thanks to a Java update.

It did seem like the worst was behind us, but, there’s another Trojan, cleverly boringly named Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a. I mean, come on, at least Flashback sounded cool. The clever little bug finds its way in to your Macintosh through an exploit left by Microsoft Office. According to Gizmo “The Trojan apparently spreads through infected Office documents, and it’s in “active stage”, which means that it searches through documents on infected machines.

Could be time to admit that our Apple Macs may need virus checkers soon? Surely, with the Mac market growing as it is, there are going to be more attempts at hacking the beautiful Cupertino machines. Last time something was named as infallible/unsinkable it ended up bing sunk by a huge Iceberg.

Via: Gizmodo

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  • I’ve had anti-virus on my Mac for almost 2 years. I haven’t really needed it, but I like having it check my mail and so forth. (And it’ll pick up the occasional infected attachment, typically in an email about “enhancements”.)

  • Macs will have a Malware prevention tool in Mountain Lion; but I believe that Macs didn’t really have viruses at that time because of it’s small market share.  When you think from the hacker’s perspective, why spend all this time writing a more complicated program for an OS that will only affect a small part of the market, when there’s a bigger, less secure market out there?
    Now that Macs are selling much better than they were back in the early 2000s, more people will try to exploit it

  • ArlenePedersen

    oh man, I think i just downloaded this yesterday- all my hard drives and icons at the top right of my toolbar are black triangles with “!” in them – only options are to buy, uninstall, or register. Anyone know what i can do???