Accessory Review: Skech Custom Jacket for new iPad/iPad 2

Category: Cases/Skins
Model: Custom Jacket
Price: $39.99
Seller: Skech
Requirements: New iPad (3rd gen)/iPad 2

TiP Rating: 3.5/5 stars


The Custom Jack by Skech is practical, stylish and good value for money. It does everything it should, but having only two possible viewing angles might be a little restrictive for some.


Skech’s new line of iPad cases includes some really great ideas. Each trying to solve a different problem. Often – I find – one of the biggest problems is creating a case that’s both slim and practical. For instance, it’s easy to make a case/stand that’s bulky and does its job, but when part of the iPad’s allure is its slim profile, that ruins the experience.

The Custom Jacket has been designed to look professional and classy, and yet maintain as much thinness as possible. Cost is kept down by using a leather substitute.  It looks pretty good. The hard shell back has all the right gaps for docks/buttons and the camera cutout is perfectly placed and sized to minimise design disruption. Unlike the Smart Cover style front on the Fabric Flipper, the Custom Jacket has a cover with only one folding point.

There are – as with any case – plusses and minuses. The rear hard shell holds on to the iPad really well – it’s a very snug fit. Likewise, the cover only has a magnet to hold it shut; no velcro, elastic or fasteners anywhere. The magnet makes light work of keeping it closed, despite the flap’s thickness and helps keep the front as flat as possible. It’s not bulky by any means, but it’s certainly more substantial than a Smart Cover. When folded back, the cover tucks in to a small tab on the back which holds well in the upright video mode. It performs adequately well in typing mode too, but if you pull the iPad forward slightly, the case/stand will collapse underneath your tablet. Anyone with enough force to make it fall flat during writing an email needs to change their typing style.

On the negative side, having only one fold point means that there are only two angles to choose from. It would be nice to have a case that offered more than one video viewing angle, or typing angle. It’s not exactly versatile, but options are limited when making a professional and slim looking case like this one. Overall, I’m happy. Although I prefer the slimness of the Smart Cover, and look of the Fabric Flipper, I’ve been using this for 2-3 days full-time and I’m pleased with the way it looks and feels.


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