98% of new iPad customers pleased with purchase

Every time Apple releases a new product, it seems to excel the last one in almost every way. Performance is better, it sells in bigger numbers and it pleases more users. Changewave conducted a survey of new iPad adopters to see just how happy they were with their Retina-equipped tablets. The results are pretty staggering.

Between March 22nd and 28th, 200 users were surveyed. A huge 82% of those were very satisfied. Another 16% were “somewhat satisfied”. None of the surveyed consumers would say that they were very unsatisfied. It’s very uncommon for any gadget to be received with such happiness and satisfaction. 98% satisfied users? Huge. Last year’s iPad 2 was a big hit, and yet, the 3rd gen trumps it in on the happiness scales. That being said, the iPad 2 buyers were surveyed in its last full month before the current one was released.

And what about that overheating issue? Seems like it’s been blown out of all proportion, and is not an issue at all.

A huge proportion of those questioned stated that the overheating was either “not much of a problem” or not a problem at all. No one stated that it was a big issue. As I stated in my every so slightly satirical post a week or so back, with normal use, there’s no risk of your iPad overheating.

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Via: 9to5Mac, Changewave

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