The New iPad’s battery charges beyond 100%

Battery life seems like it is always an issue for Apple. Now, they are not the only one, but it seems to come up a lot. Their latest issue after the iPhone 4S battery fiasco is now found with the New iPad. DisplayMate told iLounge that when it is connected to Apple’s 10W charger, it continues to draw power for up to an hour after iOS indicates full battery. In iLounge’s own testing, they found that the New iPad switches from a lighting bolt–still charging–to a plug–done charging–icon 5 to 10 minutes after it reaches 100%, even though in actuality, it is still charging.

That’s not all though, they also found that when the battery drains, the reports are non-linear. According to their trials, the 3rd-gen iPad lost just 2% of battery in the first hour, and an average of 10% every hour afterwards. It would not make sense that the battery would drain slower and then all of a sudden faster with continuous use performing the same task.

What does this mean? Well, Apple may be faking the actual percent to give you the impression of a longer battery life, when in actuality, it is not quite to the standard of the iPad 2. They may be thinking that you will see that it reaches 100% quickly, but then you don’t bother to unplug it; I leave my iPod plugged in long after it reaches full just so it won’t drain unnecessarily. It is not completely clear, but Apple may also be adjusting the indicator to give the impression of slower battery depletion. However, it could just be something to do with how the battery functions, but I am not in engineer, so I’m not going to guess.

In my opinion, Apple should just be honest about their batteries. The New iPad has a bigger processor and a Retina screen; it makes sense that the battery would drain faster. Instead of  trying to make it seem better, just put it out there that it is the same, or slightly worse. People are still going to buy it.

Have you noticed anything strange concerning your new iPad’s battery life? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter.

Via: iLounge

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  • Rod Bontuyan

    I downloaded a battery chime for my new ipad3 when it hits full charge. But woh, it has reached 100% but the battery icon is still charging. I don’t know if I should unplug the charger from the wall outlet or let it stay for several minutes for the charge icon to stop. Would somebody advice if they have solution to this. In any case, I still enjoy my tablet computer.