The new Apple TV gets updated UI, 1080p support

Before you get too excited, you should know that this is not the rumored Apple HDTV but an upgraded Apple TV box. That being said, this is still a notable improvement for Apple’s “hobby.” The two biggest changes between this version and the 2010 Apple TV are a refreshed user interface that looks more like iOS and support for 1080p HD video streaming.

Other than that, the only other difference is that this model is powered by Apple’s A5 chip, whereas the 2010 version was rockin’ an A4 processor. You can check out a comparison between the two devices below, courtesy of Engadget, but there’s really nothing else to report. It looks the same, still ships with that little silver remote, and has the same connections.

via: Engadget

Current Apple TV owners can update their devices today to get the new UI, but 1080p streaming is reserved for the newest version, which is on preorder now for $99 and will hit store shelves on March 16. Are you interested in buying this, or will you hold out for the ever-ellusive, Apple-branded HDTV?


Via: Apple, Engadget

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