Social Saturday: Will the iPhone 6 be “the new iPhone”?

Facebook user John M. asks “What do you think the next iPhone will be called? iPhone 4G, iPhone 6?”

I know this may sound a bit strange, but one of the biggest surprises about Apple’s March 7 iPad event was the fact that the new iPad wasn’t called the iPad 3 or even the iPad HD. Product names garner quite a bit of speculation, and Apple completely went against what everyone was thinking, opting to call the latest iPad simply “the new iPad.”

I admit, I hadn’t even considered this moniker as an option, but thinking about it now, it totally makes sense. How long could the company keep the numbers thing going? Like, will the geeks of the next generation eagerly await the iPad 47? No. That sounds terrible. And, really, most of Apple’s products aren’t numbered the way the iPhone and iPad are were.

I think the reason the whole generation-based names came about was because Apple called the second iPhone the iPhone 3G. Though, this was more to emphasize the inclusion of 3G technology in the device than explain that it was, in fact, a new iPhone. But from then on, little tags had been attached to both the iPhone and iPad’s names to distinguish each generation from its predecessors. But the whole thing is kind of unnecessary. Even now, with the addition of 4G to the iPad, it doesn’t have to be in the name for customers to know it’s there.

The fourth-generation iPod touch isn’t called the iPod Touch 4. And, similarly, iMacs, MacBooks, and every Apple product besides the iPhone and iPad has just one name, regardless of which generation it falls into.

The new iPad is clean and simple, which is really what iOS and Apple are all about. So, regarding the next iPhone, I’ve been operating under the assumption that it would be called the iPhone 6 for quite some time now, considering it would be the sixth generation of the device. Now, though, I’m fairly certain that the next iPhone release will officially mark the end of the numbered devices, simply going by “the new iPhone” and then eventually just “iPhone.”

It seems insignificant, but in the world of marketing and sales, a product’s name is a huge deal. Having such a clear divide between devices has an air of fragmentation and disorganization that is totally the opposite of what Apple is going for.

So, I like the new names. iPad. iPhone. It works. What do you guys think – is it the right move for Apple to take the product-naming process in this direction, or will these simpler names take away from the appeal of getting the latest and greatest Apple gadget? Weigh in down below in the comments or let me know on twitter!

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