Samsung Galaxy S III rumors prove Apple has real competition

No one stirs up interest like Apple. The secret: staying silent and building fantastic products. Until Cupertino is ready, no one announces anything. It’s why we have rumors flying around all over the place before an iPhone or iPad launch. The secrecy drives all of us insane and the curiosity compels us to go searching for the latest tasty speculation. You could have – and there are – blogs dedicated just to rumors of specific products. It’s insane, but it’s a sign that Apple is getting it absolutely right.

As I mentioned, it’s about building great products, not just about staying silent. Palm and HP both stayed relatively quiet, but the lack of ambition and innovation killed off the promising Pre brand. Apple’s products inspire confidence, they sell and keep selling well because they have a proven track record for being reliable and great to use. No other series of handsets has had the same level of success. In terms of mind-share it’s second to none. Virtually everyone in the western world knows what an iPhone is, or has heard the name. But it has a competitor. Samsung.

Samsung is slowly showing itself to be a real threat. I’m not saying all its handsets are brilliant, but the Galaxy S series has proven itself in a market full of other similarly specced faceless Android handsets. It has created a strong brand, and with what was arguably last year’s best phone – the Galaxy SII – it cemented its position as a genuine “iPhone killer.” In terms of Android handsets, none sold more or gained as much popularity as the Galaxy SII(or carrier variants of). Even now, if you give someone the choice between the latest and greatest Galaxy Nexus and the GS2, a good majority would still opt for the older phone, purely for reputation’s sake.

It’s become such a successful brand that there have been rumors surrounding the next Galaxy S for months, many predicting a launch soon. Obviously, the speculation includes crazy processing power, camera, etc. There’s even a bunch of mockups – one of which was spotted by Phonedog recently. Now, this article isn’t to say that one phone is better than the other. It’s simply to state that Samsung has successful marketed a product which – in terms of specifications, user experience, reliability and performance – competes with the iPhone so well, that it’s gained a significant mindshare. People are looking for the next one in the same way they look forward to the next iDevice. Maybe not in the same volume, maybe not to the point of lining up for days. But I guarantee – next Galaxy S launch, there will be lines of some description. “Galaxy S” has become an exciting brand, and it’s providing competition in every way. And one which we – as iPhone lovers – should keep an eye on.

What do you think? Is the Galaxy S series the only real threat to the iPhone’s dominance?


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