Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 compared with The New iPad – by Samsung

Before we get started, let me point out: I’m all for competition. It drives the industry forwards to new and exciting things. Sure, sometimes it doesn’t advance as fast as we’d like, but it’s moving forward. There are alternatives to Apple’s new iPad, good ones too. (The new Transformer is appealing.) So, when you see a company compare its device with another, you don’t expect it to be entirely unbiased, but you do expect it to be believable and not laughable.

Samsung released the chart above to show why you should buy the Note 10.1 and not the new iPad. On first looks, it looks like the Note truly is awesome, until you realize something vital: it only compares 2 features. Let me explain.

1st – View two apps, work with two apps, take notes in one app while viewing another, cut and paste content between two side by side apps: ONE FEATURE. It can multitask, with apps side-by-side. This truly is awesome, but to pretend it’s more than one feature is ludicrous.

2nd – Precision photo and image editing, write as you would with a pen or pencil, and optimized for precision writing/drawing: ONE FEATURE. The display is optimized to work with Samsung’s S-Pen, making it incredibly easy to write, draw, and edit images. Again a great feature to have.

So, that’s 2 features split up in to 7. Either Samsung struggled to beat the iPad in its attempt to sway people, or whoever put this together was trying to convince himself that he didn’t want to buy an iPad. The big problem in comparing “tasks” is that by adding in all tasks achievable on an iPad (using native or third-party apps) the list would be so much longer: edit a movie, record music, iPhoto, iWork, great gaming (more good titles) etc.

Other features include a USB host, and expandable storage, but how do the other specs compare:

I won’t go in to a huge debate about which one you should buy. We all have different preferences, and we all need to decide which features are most important. The iPad of course has 6 models available, plus the option of the previous generation, if you would rather save the cash. The most important feature for me is the display. The iPad’s display has more than 100 more pixels per inch than the Samsung making it much sharper. I like gaming, videos, and graphic content. The iOS loaded tablet is clearly the better choice for that. However, if you like jotting down notes, and doodling with the stylus, the Galaxy Note is really great. Although I prefer the smaller Note for note taking, this version removes any doubt as to whether or not your using a phone or a tablet. And if multitasking is the killer feature that will get you from using a laptop, and using a tablet instead, the Android tablet again is the better option.

What do you think? Would you consider buying a Galaxy Note 10.1?

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