Rumor: iTV to begin production in May/June 2012?

According to Apple Insider, we may see an Apple television by the end of the year. This morning they reported that Peter Misek, a Jefferies analyst has inside information on the production of Apple’s long-awaited TV, the details are as follows;

Misek claims that on a recent visit to Asia that he was shown “early production evidence of iTV”. Namely, “speciality components” that are beginning to arrive at Apple’s display manufacturers in the region, we’re talking polarized films, filters and IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) components, a rumored feature of the device from a while back.

These parts are only cropping up in small quantities, but if their is substance to these claims, then they would suggest that Apple is planning to begin production of the device, the release of which can be expected in the fourth quarter of 2012 if we are to believe Misek’s claims.

Obviously, we won’t know if the rumors are true until this thing is announced, that is, if iTV actually exists. Are you excited for an iTV? From what you’ve heard and seen so far, what excites you about the rumored product? And what would you like to see in an Apple Television? Let us know in the comments, or head over to my Twitter @TiP_Stephen

Via: Apple Insider

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