Accessory Review: Spigen SGP Steinheil Ultra Oleophobic screen protector

Category: Screen Protector
Model:Ultra Oleophobic
Price: $13.99
Seller: Spigen SGP
Requirements: iPod touch 

TiP Rating: 5/5 stars


When it comes to screen protectors, I don’t just slap any old thing on my iPod Touch. It has to be quality, something that will last way longer than I need yet doesn’t affect the responsiveness of my screen. The Spigen SGP Steinheil Ultra Oleophobic screen protector may just be the last one I need to put on. It features an oil-resistnant coating that keeps it’s surface clean. It protects the LCD screen from scratches and features an advanced optical enhancement layer that improves viewing on LCD screens.


Features at a glance

  • Oeleophobic coating
  • High Quality Optical Enhancement Film
  • Perfect fit for Device’s Display
  • No Rainbow Effects
  • Hard coated for stratches and Scuffs Proof
  • Good Surface Hardness: 3H
  • Premium Silicon Adhesive : Bubble Free Application
  • Non-tacky adhesive: removed easily without leaving residue
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-UV Ray coated
  • Marks and Fingerprints wipe away easily
  • No Interference with Touch-Screen Responsiveness

Application A screen protector is only as good as the amount of ease it takes to apply it. A screen protector could be bullet proof, but if it takes 2 hours to put on, and there are tons of bubble under it, then its is pointless. Now I’m not the best at putting screen protectors, but I am not terrible either. It usually takes a couple tries to get everything lined up the way I want with nothing caught underneath, but I was able to apply this one first try. Maybe It was my lucky day, I don’t know; all I can say is that I had this on in around three minutes. I would also like to say that it is flawless. There is not a single bubble or hair underneath, and even the camera hole is in place.


Clarity wise, sometimes I forget that I have a protector on. I had a Zagg Invisible Shield for a while that had this weird bumpy effect. The Steinheil beats it hands down, and has no such look. It is perfectly smooth and appears just like the naked glass. Just as promised, there are no “rainbow effects” and I think my iPod even looks better than it did without a protector.

Touch and Feel

As great as a “naked” screen feels, I just cannot risk a scratch on its beautiful face. The one downside of a protector-less screen is the endless amount of smudges from the natural oils on my fingers. My inner O.C.D. always kicks in and I end up having to wipe off my screen every time I touch it. The Steinheil screen protector makes using my iPod even more enjoyable. There are no longer the streaks, and when I slide my finger it feels more “grippy”. When typing, the virtual keyboard seems almost tactile.

Scratch and Oil Proof

A lot of screen protectors say that they are scratch proof and some say that they are oil-resistant, but not many of them actually work like they are supposed to. After a little bit over a month, I am still scratch free. I don’t even have the little scratches my last one got from going in and out of my pocket. The Oil-resistant coating is also as good as ever. It is still fun to write on my iPod touch with white board pen and then wipe if off (I am easily amused).


Overall, I am extremely pleased with the Spigen SGP Steinheil Ultra Oleophobic screen protector. It is so easy to apply, and it looks great once it is on. This protector can go toe to toe with the Zagg Invisible Shield and easily win. Not only does it look great, but it gives your iPod touch a more tactile feel; your fingers won’t want to stop touching it. In the box you get two films, a squeegee and a cleaning cloth. For only 14 dollars, it will be tough to beat this incredible product.


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