Personal hotspot on new iPad? Not for AT&T subscribers

One of the touted features of the new iPad is its ability to be used as a personal hotspot, something we’ve seen on the iPhone for some time now. Essentially, what it means is that your iPad becomes a mobile wireless router. You can tether up to 5 devices from it: 3 via WiFi, 1 by USB and 1 Bluetooth. It promises to be a pretty good experience, especially if you’re using your carrier’s LTE network. Only kicker: AT&T will not be allowing the service to run. Hopefully the nation’s second largest carrier will change its stance, but currently, “Big Blue” doesn’t plan on allowing tethering.

Verizon, on the other hand, will be allowing tethering, and usage will be counted towards your monthly data allowance on your current plan. So, if you already have a Verizon iPad data plan, or have pre-ordered one, you can tether using your allowance. Price wise you’re looking at $30 for 2GB including tethering on VZW. On AT&T for the same price, you get 3GB allowance, but no tethering (yet).

Via: Gotta be Mobile, Cult of Mac

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