New iPad to be carried by Sprint?

Currently, 4G LTE plans are only available from Verizon and AT&T in the States, but, the snapshot above shows that Sprint will be in on the action at some point. The leak – which came through today from Best Buy (via: Engadget) – shows an inventory of 4G data plans to be offered by the popular consumer electronics store. Initially Engadget presumed it was a list of different iPad models, and not plans. Data plans makes much more sense – considering the cost shown, furthermore, Best Buy employees got in touch to confirm that was the case:

“After hearing from several Best Buy employees, we’ve gotten a clearer explanation of what’s being displayed these database shots. As we’re told, each listing is evidently referring to different Sprint plans for the iPad, rather than specific models of the tablet. That said, this info still does seem to corroborate nicely with the notion that Sprint’s likely landing Apple’s slate at some point in the future.”

Now, I won’t be claiming that this will be happening any time soon. If it was to be ready for the new iPad’s release, Apple would have announced it during the keynote event last Wednesday. However, it appears that plans are afoot to have the Post-PC era’s “poster child”, on “Big Yellow”‘s network.

Via: Cult of Mac

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