New iPad Coverage Roundup – Unboxing, Reviews, Comparisons

Since Friday we’ve been busy trying to get as much content up about the new iPad as possible. At various times we’ve uploaded unboxing and review videos as well as written content, and a camera test. You could be forgiven for missing some of it, so, we decided to round it all up in one easy post with links to each individual article/video. If you missed any of them, you’ll find it in here.

1. New iPad Unboxing (by a 2 year old)

“So we all know what to expect when it comes to unboxing a new device. Host talks, then opens up a box on a table, shows us the cables and manuals then overviews the device. I decided to change it up a bit. Instead, I asked my 2-year old daughter (turning 3 in the summer) to open up the new iPad’s box and show us what’s inside. It’s easy to get bogged down with specs, technical things, but really the iPad is a device that should embrace users of all ages. Enjoy!”


2. First Impressions and Gallery

“The biggest talking point is — of course — the new Retina display. It’s 9.7 inches of glorious beauty. Trust me, no superlatives can come close to describing just how clear it really is. With its 2048×1536 resolution, packing in a whopping 3.1 million pixels, this display has to be seen to be believed — literally. It doesn’t matter how good your video camera is, you’ll still be lacking 1 million pixels if you try and capture the Retina in its fullness. Text is incredibly sharp and precise, and with 264ppi, pixels really aren’t distinguishable — at all…” Read Full Article

3. Full Written Review

“The 2012 iPad shows why Apple is the market leader in the tablet world, and as far as I can tell, it’s the other manufacturers that are chasing them, not the other way around. The 3rd gen model will prove to be incredibly popular, and will stretch Cupertino’s lead further. It’s a stunning device, and gives us a glimpse in to what these tiny computers are capable of. It’s so versatile and quick that it’s managed to replace my laptop, my games console, my DVD player, TV and all my books. It’s fantagmagastic…” Read Full Article

4. Full Video Review

Jake reviews Apple’s new, 3rd-gen iPad. He takes a look at the Retina display, A5X processor performance, 5 megapixel iSight camera, dictation, and more!


5. iPad 2 vs. New iPad [VID]

Jake takes a quick look at the new iPad’s major features (Retina display, A5X processor, design, iSight camera) and sees how they stack up against the iPad 2’s feature set.


6. Camera Shootout: iPhone 4S vs. iPad (3rd gen)

“…I went out to compare the two, to see exactly how they faired against each other. Would the iPhone’s point-and-shoot replacement outgun the iPad’s? Or would it be more even? I was interested to find out…” Read Full Article

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