MacBook Touch concept: Still a bad idea

There have been rumblings of a touch-enabled Mac for some time now, and I’ve never been a fan of the idea. Most of my complaints about a MacBook Air with a touchscreen basically boil down to “it’s awkward to hold your hand up and use a touchscreen at a 90 degree angle.”

One concept artist known on YouTube as OliverTerrisse solved that problem… well, he tried to. His MacBook Touch render shows a seemingly normal MacBook with the occasional floating hand reaching over and performing touch-based operations. That is until the MacBook doesn’t stop opening until it’s entirely inside out, with the keyboard on the bottom and the touch-enabled display on top.

And, I don’t know about you, but my only thought after watching the video was that it was a whole new level of bad. The whole point of a laptop’s design is to close and protect the keyboard and screen in an outer shell. In this design, the keyboard and glass trackpad would get destroyed every time you wanted to lay your MacBook Touch on a table. The FaceTime camera would become part of a stand. And, to top it off, it’s just kind of ugly…

I’m not sure if my opinion is simply because of my aversion to touchscreen Macs, but I’m really not feeling this design. What do you guys think? Would you spend money on a MacBook Touch? Comment below or let me know on twitter.


Via: 9to5 Mac

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