iOS 5.1 available today [Update: Full details on improvements]

As I’m sure you’re aware, Apple’s iPad event just wrapped up. And while the next-gen tablet, called simply the “new iPad,” stole the show, there were a few other notable announcements. iOS 5.1 was briefly mentioned, but we did get a few goodies.

First, as expected, Siri will now officially support Japanese. This is a great step towards getting the digital assistant universally available. In the past, Siri has had trouble with certain accents or languages, but hopefully this is the first step towards resolving those issues.

The other big iOS 5.1 announcement was simply that it will be available today! Now, there was no mention of the other rumored features, like the new lock screen camera slider. Also, no one said anything about a battery fix, but that’s not very surprising – Apple wouldn’t want to mar its event by bringing up one of its screw ups. Hopefully, as the software becomes available, those questions are answered.

[UPDATE: Full update details below. Battery life is apparently fixed, and there’s a new AT&T signal indicator, as well as a permanent camera icon on the lock screen.]

Via: Engadget

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  • Applecracker

    So no battery fix? Also no Siri on A4 chip!