HD Netflix on the way for iPad users

I’m sure that if you’ve picked up the new iPad recently, the display most probably blew your mind. Naturally, developers are going to start adapting their apps to take advantage of the new iPad’s incredible Retina display, a fact evident in the latest release in the Angry Birds series; Angry Birds Space HD. (Click here for a full review)

Yesterday then, to the delight of Netflix users everywhere, the on-demand streaming company announced that HD video will soon become a feature of the popular app. Now, personally, I don’t use Netflix, but I know it’s hugely popular in the States, and it’s growing quickly in the UK too, HD video streaming will be another huge selling point of the service. Naturally, it’ll consume a lot more data than standard definition, so I can see this kind of thing being limited to Wi-Fi only, that is, until Sprint release some kind of epic unlimited 4G data plan (fingers-crossed).

I’m sure some of you out there use Netflix, so are you excited for this new feature? Share your thoughts in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Stephen!

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