Apple’s New iPad has “record weekend” – Tim Cook

In an entirely unsurprising announcement, Tim Cook confirmed that the new iPad’s launch weekend was the best weekend of any previous tablet launch. During a call discussing Apple’s $100 billion cash pile, he briefly stated that it was a “record weekend.” In simple terms – he was delighted with it.

Now, before we all get too excited, we should remember that for the first time ever Apple launched the iPad in other countries outside the States on release day. Previous iPad launches were US first, followed by a delayed international rollout. This time around, 11 other nations got in on the action. If this past weekend hadn’t been a “record weekend”, it would surely have gone down as Apple’s biggest flop in 10 years (disregarding the original Apple TV). We’ll bring you more on exact figures when they’re released. Just know, the iPad has proven very popular – again.

Via: The Verge

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