Accessory Review: Sena Hampton Pouch for iPhone 4/4S

Category: Cases/Skins
Model: Hampton Pouch
Price: $55
Seller: Sena
Requirements: iPhone 4/4S

TiP Rating: 4/5 stars


The Hampton Pouch by Sena is one of those rare finds that combines the practicality of protecting your phone with the authenticity, and pleasure of owning a faithful, lifelong leather wallet. It does scratch easily, and takes a little while to get in to shape, but the wait – for me at least – is worth it.


Some things just have to be made of leather: a good wallet, good shoes etc. Until recently, phone cases weren’t something that I considered in the same category. Sena has changed my mind. While some users may see hard, robust and plastic/rubber cases as being a necessity in the modern day, I prefer something more authentic. I want something that fits in with the ethos of a wallet. It should do its job, and it should do it for life and never look or feel dated.

The Hampton Pouch – I have to admit – was a little disappointing on first looks. That being said, it has cutouts in all the right places. There’s one at the bottom for the dock connector, holes over mic and speaker grills, and an attractive tear-drop cutout for the headset jack and noise cancelling mic. The flap (complete with hidden compartment for a credit card), initially, sat at an angle with the rounded arch at the top seeming way too wide. The off-angle rendered the magnets holding it shut almost useless. It would open with very little provocation, and to top it off, it was seemingly too stiff. But, as with all things leather, it just needed time, attention and a little patience. Like a pair of shoes, it just needed a few days to wear in, to get accustomed to its surroundings, and to the shape of my phone.

I took the plunge. And, after a day or two, I was delighted. The case softened, the flap flattened and the pouch fit in my pocket and around my phone perfectly. I loved holding it, taking the phone out, placing it back in – almost too much. The Hampton Pouch, and my wallet of a similar color soon became inseparable in my mind. I couldn’t leave the house, unless my iPhone was inside it. Like my wallet, the pouch became something I could see myself using for the rest of my life. And it could only improve as it became scuffed, misshapen and worn. Then came the sad realisation that once my iPhone is upgraded, I would no longer have need for it and we’d be parted.

Despite my love for its hand stitched design, and authenticity, there are a couple of areas needing improvement. It would be nice if there was a little more cushioning, to protect my iPhone from collisions and falls. And, if there was someway of making it less susceptible to scratching, that would make it about as perfect as it could be. Overall though, the pouch is a huge success in my mind. When you can create something that’s not only practical, but also connects with you on an emotional and sensory level, you’ve created a winning product. That’s exactly what Sena has achieved with the Hampton Pouch.



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