Accessory Review: Cygnett ICON Art Series for iPhone 4/4S

Category: Cases
Model: ICON Art Series by Nathan Jurevicius
Price: $39.99
Seller: Cygnett
Requirements: iPhone 4/4S 

TiP Rating: 5/5 stars


Few accessories do exactly what the product design and packaging says it does. Even fewer leave me with nothing bad to say. This is one of those cases, if you like your phone protected from minor bumps, but hanker after a really great design – I challenge you to find something better than the ICON Art Series.


Cygnett, as I’m sure you’re aware by now, has fast become one of my favorite accessory companies. I’ve tried a range of cases from them and am yet to find one that I’m displeased with.

The ICON Art Series has been created in partnership with Australian artist, Nathan Jurevicius, with three designs available: Dr. Maybe’s Underwater House, Hootsville and Chihoohoo’s Tea Party. His unique designs wrap around the protective case giving your iPhone a really beautiful and eye-catching look. Cases like this are designed clearly to make an impression. It’s vital that they look and feel fantastic, and this does both. My favorite part (showing my nerdy side): the volume key and mute switch cut-outs. Making one long cut out would be easy and is what many cases feature. Designing two, keeping the volume buttons and mute switch separate and giving them a black outline was a stroke of genius.

Holding the case is a delight. Made with a hard plastic, it grips tightly to your iPhone and has a really great soft/texturized feel. And thanks to its super-slim profile, it reminds you that perhaps this is the way your iPhone should feel. The edges are ever so slightly curved, taking away any annoyance at Apple’s right-angled, sharp edges, without making your handset feel any thicker. As with all Cygnett cases, it comes with a screen protector.

Granted, this case won’t protect your phone if you ran over it in a car. It’s not designed to be bullet-proof, or high impact resistant. But, it will stop your phone from getting scratched and bumped from normal every day use. For the few days I had this case on my phone, I fell back in love with my iPhone again. It felt like it should, and looked fantastic. Can’t fault it. I would complain about the price, but the series has limited numbers – you’re paying for the individuality. And it’s so worth it.



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