7.85″ iPad Mini display suppliers allegedly named

iPad Mini vs. iPhone 4 (via: MacRumors)

DigiTimes, citing a report by Taiwan-based United Evening News, claims that suppliers and manufacturers have been selected to produce the smaller iPads, purportedly coming at the end of this year.

A regular in Apple manufacturing and assembly lines, Pegatron, has allegedly been chosen ahead of Foxconn to produce the Mini-me iPads. Among the list of display suppliers are the usual suspects, LG, who will produce around 70-75% of the quota. The rest will be made by a firm named AU Optronics. Not surprisingly, Samsung has not been chosen to make any of the 7.85″ displays, if they even exist.

As I say with any rumor published by DigiTimes, take it with a massive pinch of salt. It’s not particularly Apple-like to create mini/cheaper versions of portable devices. Unless this is the new-look, post-Jobsian Apple. I expressed my concerns and opinion on the whole iPad mini issue a while back, and until Tim Cook gets up on stage and announces it publicly, I’m not going to believe it’s ever happening.

Via: DigiTimes
Image Via: MacRumors

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