Rumor: New “micro dock” to make appearance on next iPhone

If you’ve had an iPhone or iPod over the past 10 years, you’ll have noticed that they’ve all used virtually the same method of charging and syncing data. The 30-pin connector is Apple’s proprietary solution for everything. Micro USB is too slow, or “outdated”. However, if iMore‘s Rene Ritchie is to be believed, Cupertino could be set to ditch the 30-pin legacy and change to a smaller dock connector, or “micro dock.”

Don’t get your hopes up that the next iPhone will have Micro USB, Cupertino doesn’t fly like that. Instead, it’s more likely that Apple is working on its own proprietary solution that’s much smaller than the current method. Why change? Simply because the 30-pin connector is too big. It hinders the iPhone from becoming any slimmer, and takes up too much room inside the smartphone. Take it out, and suddenly there’s room for a 4G LTE radio, bigger battery etc. Every millimetre counts. At least, to Apple it does.

For me, it’d be great to have an iPhone without the ugly gaping mouth at the bottom of the device. It’s one of the only parts of the iPhone’s design I’ve never liked. It’s a pocket lint magnet. Make it smaller, and there’s less fluff in my phone. What do you think? Should Apple make the dock connector smaller? Tweet me.

Via: iMore

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