Rumor: iOS 5.1 contains new slide to camera function on lock screen

A new screenshot leak shows what appears to be a new action to access camera from the lock screen. Instead of the current double-tap and camera icon press, you’ll just slide the dock upwards and gradually unveil the camera interface before opening your lense’s shutter and getting ready for some snapping. The camera icon itself will apparently be on the lock screen permanently and needs no action to make it appear. It certainly seems like an interesting move by Apple if this makes it to the final version of iOS 5.1.

iOS 5.1 will allegedly make its appearance on the same day as the new iPad, sometime in the next few weeks. So far we’ve heard it will contain a few new wallpapers and the option to switch off 3G on the iPhone 4S. BGR reports that it will also contain the option to speak to Siri in Japanese. So, we should see some interesting new additions. Nothing groundbreaking.

Via: BlogdoiPhone, BGR

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