Rumor: Apple developing audio format to offer “adaptive streaming”

According to The Guardian, Apple may be working on a new audio format that will allow iCloud users to stream high or low-quality audio files to their devices. There are several different areas that the new format may affect should it materialise. It could mean that users would now be able to download HD audio to any iDevice and listen to it through iTunes as you would any other audio. It could also mean that Apple is planning to release a streaming service much like Spotify. (Future lawsuit right there folks!)

The new system would adjust the content according to available bandwidth and the receiving device. The source claimed that Apple has contacted a London studio requesting that they prepare audio files for a new streaming format that takes into account bandwidth and hardware.

A system such as this would mean that your iTunes library would suddenly become HD in a instant, a pretty cool prospect. Another excellent advantage, is that when the need arises iPhone users could potentially use a smaller version of the same file, compromising on quality in order to save bandwidth, but more importantly, allowing users to download or stream HD files when a faster connection is available.

Apple has already begun to remaster many albums for iTunes, something that could be boosted by a HD audio format.

According to musician Neil Young, HD music was close to Steve Jobs’ heart:

“What everybody gets [on an MP3] is 5% of what we originally make in the studio, we live in the digital age, and unfortunately it’s degrading our music, not improving.”

I won’t get technical, but effectively, tracks are recorded in the studio at a high quality of sound. When these tracks are pushed to iTunes or onto CD, they have to be compressed, sacrificing sound quality.

If such a rumor does have substance, then it could revolutionize the way we listen to and access our music. It’ll also have some awesome effects on the quality of the music as well, and who doesn’t love good quality music? Would you like to see something like this put into action? Let us know below! Or head over to my Twitter @TiP_Stephen

Via: The Guardian


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